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Meet the lovely team of guides and chefs from Wolfy's Adventures, your local guides to Vienna and its secrets


If you’re looking for the best tour guide in Vienna, look no further — Wolfy’s Adventures has all seven of them!

Wolfy has worked in the hospitality industry his entire life and is well-connected throughout the city of Vienna. His team works exclusively with local suppliers, and local sourcing is a main principle of every tour. You’ll get farm-to-table experiences, cooking workshops, visits to neighborhood markets, and meetings with local farmers and shop owners.

A day spent with Wolfy (or one of his top-notch guides) is one you won’t forget, packed with fun, food, and more than a few local secrets you won’t discover anywhere else.

Along with his stellar team of Viennese experts, Wolfy’s mission in life is to show you such a good time that you’ll fall head over heels in love with Vienna.


A portrait of Wolfy, the owner of Wolfy's Adventures and one of its most enthusiastic guides, holding a cup of classical Viennese coffe

From Rome, St. Tropez, and Mykonos to New York City, the Caribbean, and of course my home country, Austria, I have spent the last 40 years working all over the world in the luxury hotel and restaurant industry. My appetite for fine food, drink, and new experiences is legendary, so I decided to share those passions with the world by launching my own tour business five years ago. 

Favorite thing about Vienna: Despite the abundance of influential art and culture on our doorsteps, the Viennese are still a humble, charming, and relaxed group of people.

Local top tip: A sausage from my favorite sausage stand in the Ottakring neighborhood - Vienna at its best.

Languages spoken: German, English, Italian, and French


I was born and raised in Vienna and I love nothing more than meeting new people from around the world and showing them around my hometown. My favorite thing to do is to introduce my guests to Vienna’s incredible food scene; I used to work at one of the city’s top restaurants, so I know a lot about local food and drink. When I am not eating, I like to keep fit. 

Favorite thing about Vienna: Its social heart.

Local top tip: Go to Groissböck and be happy.

Languages spoken: German & English

A portrait of Patrick, one of Wolfy's Adventures' passionate guides and a local Viennese resident, ready to show you his favorite hidden gems in Vienna
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