"The streets of Vienna are paved with culture, the streets of other cities with asphalt."

Karl Kraus 

Sweet Treats of Vienna Pastry Tasting Experience

There are many reasons why Vienna is so well-known for its sweets - come and find out why! Explore the city’s most iconic pastry “artists” and sample a variety of specialties, some from the traditions of the former empire, some from more recently settled bakers.

Pastries, Walking

Duration 4 hours | Price 85 euro

Experience Vienna by Night

Enjoy local wines, Austrian aperitifs and curated Viennese cocktails accompanied by a variety of “street food” with one of our “night owls”!

Food, Walking

Duration 4 hours | Price 121 euro

Vienna's Wine Country Wine Tasting Experience

The vineyards of Vienna grow on the slopes of its beautiful surrounding hills and make the city one of the few in Europe where grapes are grown and wine is produced.

Wine, Food

Duration 5.5 Hours | Price 149 euro

Vienna's Sweet and Savory Food Scene

Get an in-depth introduction to Vienna’s dynamic food and drink scene with our neighborhood insider! We'll show you the best places to stop for all manner of sweet and savory specialties.

Food, Walking

Duration 5 hours | Price 129 euro