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Covid-19 Guidelines

As a strong and unanimous front, together we can fight against Covid-19. We respectfully ask anyone attending one of our adventures to follow the these guidelines:

  • Please do not travel or book any of our adventures if you have any Covid-19 symtoms. Wolfy's Adventures is not responsible for the state of health of any travelers who book our services.

  • Please respect the general Austrian regulations. 

  • Please maintain the safety distance between you and other travelers. If at any time it should not be possible to maintain a safe distance, please wear a mask and clean glove/use hand sanitizer. 

  • Each guest must bring their own mask. We will not provide masks for you. 

  • Please make sure to follow general hygene-guidlines such as:

    • washing your hands very frequently​

    • avoiding touching your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth

    • covering your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing

  • If any of our guests show Covid-19 symtoms, we will stop the adventure immediatly and follow all governmental regulations

It is up to all of us to keep eachother safe. Let's work together and be considerate at all times! 

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