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Prague City Adventures

Are you liking Vienna? Then you won’t be able to resist Prague either! Equally beautiful in its architecture, rich in history and culture, just as yummy its food and vibrant its atmosphere… and the best thing? It’s just a 4-hour train ride away! So no excuses, hop on board and let’s explore another jewel of a city - after all, you wouldn’t want to miss a visit to the “heart of Europe,” would you?
Vienna and Prague might share a lot of common history and cultural aspects, and yet they are so distinct, each of them unique in its own way. It won’t take you but a glimpse to see through the facet of their apparent similarities and to identify all the beautiful particularities that make each city so special.


Drink Beer as a Local

An introduction to Czech beer drinking full of facts, tasty snacks, and the liquid gold itself.

3.5 Hours

Prague's Greatest Hits

See all the important sites our city has to offer and get inspired by Prague’s unique beauty.

6 Hours

By the time your train pulls up at the Main Train Station in Prague, centrally located within the New Town and walking distance from some of the city’s must-sees, you’ll probably have formed an idea of what you would like to visit in the city. Let us expand the list a little bit with some pro tips from the locals.

Rich History, Beautiful Architecture and All the Must-Sees

Prague is renowned for its vivid history and stately architecture built through centuries of uninterrupted prosperity as one of Europe's commercial hubs. We were lucky enough not to get destroyed in any of the major wars that stormed through this continent, and thanks to that we were able to maintain our cultural affluence in its original beauty. That means you’ll probably want to stop by places such as the Prague Castle or the Church of St. Nicolas, check out the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square, or take the best picture of the city from the Charles Bridge. And that’s just a few gems to mention, there’s simply so much to see!

Luckily for you, at Prague City Adventures we offer a 5-hour long tour that takes you to all of these places, as well as many other of the city highlights. And you know what? There’s also a delicious traditional lunch at a historic restaurant included in the tour, without which your trip to Prague simply wouldn’t be complete. So even if you have just a couple of hours in the city, there’s an easy way to make the most of them.

Did Someone Say “Beer”?

Not to brag, but you know what else we’re really good at (the best, I’ve heard) in Prague? Drinking beer! And not just drinking it, we also have a decent amount of knowledge and practice in making it. You might want to get your hands on one of our popular lagers as that is the ultimate Czech experience! New microbreweries are popping up around the city like mushrooms after rain (as the Czech saying goes), especially in the more alternative of Prague’s neighbourhoods. We thought you might appreciate a friendly local to show you some of their favorite ones and to share their insight into the local beer culture. If that’s the case, our favored Beer & Tapas Tour might be the exact match for you!


We’ve Got Good Food, too!

Now, I realize this is something that’s not often talked about, but did you know that Czech cuisine can be surprisingly tasty and actually very worth delving into? Maybe you’re not exactly a history buff but if you have a foodie in you at all, you might want to explore Prague through its diverse food scene. Our centric position in Europe allowed us to gather inspiration from all over the continent, which resulted in an original blend of flavors and recipes you won’t find anywhere else. How about a roasted duck with red cabbage or beef sirloin in a creamy sauce? Tell me your mouth isn’t watering already! And of course we have vegetarian delights as well… 
You probably saw this one coming, but yes, we have a food tour for you that might make your hunt for a great restaurant real simple. But this is not a tour like any other! We’ve continually heard from our guests that our tours feel like a real dinner party with friends and that’s exactly how we want it. That’s why we keep it down to just a few people, provide you with a devoted local foodie as a guide and take you to off-the-beaten-path places within the historic center you would never find on your own. So, are you ready to taste the real Prague?


Let Us Take Care of Your Dream Vacation in Prague

Of course, there are many more fun things to do in Prague, from vibrant nightlife to museums and galleries, child-friendly activities, festivals and all kinds of events that will make you want to stop time and prolong your Prague trip to forever. But remember that even short trips can be packed with meaningful adventures if done the right way. 
At Prague City Adventures we have a very personalized approach to tour guiding, making sure to stick to small-sized groups and authentic experiences, while supporting local communities. Whether you decide to explore Prague on your own or opt for any of the available city tours, it’s always good to have someone local by your side. Feel free to get in touch with Prague City Adventures should you have any questions or concerns about your stay, or even if you just want a friendly chat and some useful recommendations. After all, sharing our beloved city and making sure you get the best from it is all that matters to us.

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